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Here at Frenchies by Harris we feel that a French Bulldog is one of the greatest pets that a person can own.  We dedicate ourselves to raising and providing our customers with happy, healthy, and quality animals that will quickly become an important part of your family.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will do our very best to answer all of your questions and to provide references and suggestions if needed.

Feel free to explore the rest of our site and hopefully become more aware and confident that Frenchies By Harris is here to offer you the best French Bulldogs possible.


We began our Frenchie family almost 15 years ago with Yoda Belle.  She became a loved member of our family and our constant companion.  Gradually she became our gray faced treasure.   One Sunday in April, while we were at church, she lay down in front of the fireplace (her favorite spot) and passed away.  We have our fond memories of her and most of them bring on bouts of laughter.  Her sweet personality and comical antics will always be missed.

News & Updates

Changes Happening at Frenchies By Harris

We are in the process of retiring Parker, Star and Dolly. Before retiring Parker (at age 10) he sired a litter of 7 puppies. We kept and raised Trudy Belle, a small, black brindle girl. Our other new girl is Lola Belle. She is a cream pied with the personality of an angel. Her puppies are due on Christmas Eve morning!!

Our New Girls

Lola Belle

Lola had a beautiful litter on December 22. They are extremely healthy and very active at 3 and 1/2 weeks old.They will be just the right age to surprise your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day!


Trudy Belle

These beauties were born February 20th. They are all short in length and short in height. Extremely nice. Already love to cuddle and play! This is a great time to buy a puppy. While staying home to prevent the spread of Covid19 your new puppy can learn to potty train and bond with you. Plus it will help with the stress all of Covid 19 brings.

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